Simple Ways to Maximize Efficiency in Your Home Office


Your home office can be many things: a place to work without interruption; a way to get a bit of a break on your taxes, or perhaps your home office is the source of your livelihood. With so many uses and definitions of home offices, it’s impossible to know just how many are out there in the world, but there… Read more »

7 Life Hacks To Maximize Your Productivity


Once upon a time, “hacking” specifically meant using computers and other technology to engage in skullduggery that was illegal more often than not. During the 1990s, the term evolved to mean exploring technology to optimize its effectiveness. These days, the term “hack” has evolved to mean optimization of any kind. What hacks can you use to maximize your productivity every… Read more »

Office Hack: Easy Ways to be Healthier at Work


Two facts: a healthy body is a happy body, and being healthy at work is harder than running in dry sand. Some companies have started promoting healthy workplace habits, but certainly not all. If you feel trapped in a sedentary, fluorescent-filled work cycle, here are five healthy, FREE office hacks you can do on your own. DIY Standing Desk Standing… Read more »