Furniture Design Swaps Glue and Screws for “Keys”

Furniture Design Swaps Glue

Nanyang Technological University’s Interlocking furniture looks like an Escher drawing and further simplifies user assembly Up to now, easily assembled furniture has made use of screws, barrel nuts and glue to allow homeowners without building skills to put together their beds and bookcases without undue stress. This may change, according to a technical paper released by a team at Singapore’s… Read more »

Furniture Design Award


Sydney-based designer Seaton Mckeon, currently an in-house designer at the Blue Sky Design Group, was awarded the first biennial Australian Furniture Design Award, presented by Adelaide design non-profit JamFactory and contemporary commercial furniture design studio Stylecraft. Mckeon’s design, called The Sun The Moon and Me, is a freestanding light and mirror that depicts the stars in the night sky with… Read more »

Assemble This Furniture By Beating The Shit Out Of It

Assemble This Furniture

Flat pack furniture is great in theory, but in practice it can be complex and overwrought (looking at you, Ikea). The founders of Whackpack, a company that just received backing on Kickstarter, have a solution: more brute force, fewer Allen wrenches and screws. When Whackpack’s first piece—the ash wood Creepie stool—hits the market, here’s how you’ll assemble it: place one… Read more »

Office Interior Design on a Dorm Budget

Office Interior Design

Step off the office elevator and you’re immediately hit with the smell: a cooking aroma, something warm and inviting (corn chowder? bread?) wafting from a spacious, open kitchen with a wall of Waterworks cabinets. The lights are set to rainy-Saturday-at-home. Stocked metal bar carts line the back of a plush sofa in a lounge area. One woman conducts a work… Read more »

7 design trends coming to an office near you

7 design trends

The Merchandise Mart hosted its annual NeoCon exhibition of furniture and accessories for offices, hotels and institutions recently, drawing more than 50,000 attendees from around the country. Here’s what’s coming to your office soon, based on what we saw. We want to work where it’s goofy. Why shouldn’t whimsy have a place at the office? Some manufacturers are ready to… Read more »

Dubai Office Building & Its Furniture Will Be Completely 3D Printed


We’ve seen 3D printing being used for all sorts of things, like creating fake animal parts to discourage poaching, to even 3D printing supercars, so what’s next? Now we know that 3D printing a building, or at least part of a building is possible, but what about 3D printing an entire building? Apparently that is something the United Arab Emirates… Read more »

Good Office Furniture Can Be a Good Marketing Tool, Too


A few weeks ago I coordinated a large exhibit space for Infusionsoft’s exhibit at the 2nd Annual Market New York trade show. See the pic below. I knew the trade show would have hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees, so I had to create an experience to catch the attention of people as they were walking by. In just… Read more »

Vitra Workspace showcases office furniture in Gehry-designed factory building


London architect Pernilla Ohrstedt and Los Angeles designer Jonathan Olivares have collaborated on a new office furniture showroom at the Vitra headquarters. The Vitra Workspace occupies 1,700 square metres on the renovated second floor of Frank Gehry’s 1989 production hall at the Vitra Campus at Weil am Rhein in Germany. Ohrstedt and Olivares worked together to renovate the space, creating… Read more »

The Tremendous Economic Loss in Old Office Furniture


It’s difficult to imagine why office furniture matters outside the office. Until you see a thousand-line spreadsheet of items destined for the landfill, there’s little to connect your sleek new executive chair – or anything else in your office, for that matter – to an ongoing environmental and social issue. Those in corporate real estate and facility management know well… Read more »

Restoration Hardware Expands Into Modern Furniture, Modern Doorstops


Restoration Hardware is a service that delivers free doorstops to people in wealthy zip codes. They apparently also sell furniture, and managed to thrive during the recession by selling pricey items to rich people instead of bothering to discount their products for the masses like other furniture stores. Now they’re launching a sibling brand, RH Modern, that you won’t be… Read more »